The Real Estate Experts work with a lot of investors, and Teresa Parker from Union Home Mortgage always does a great job with them, so we thought it would be beneficial to bring her in to answer some loan-related questions for our investor clients.

For your convenience, I have provided timestamps below so you can navigate our conversation in the video above at your leisure.

  • 0:35—Is it better for a real estate investor to purchase a property with cash or with a loan?
  • 1:30—A program that allows investors to see their projected liquid net worth and total net worth over certain periods of time
  • 2:50—What are the biggest challenges Teresa faces when working with investors?
  • 4:00—Is it better for an investor to purchase a property as an individual, as an LLC, or a corporation?
  • 5:10—How to get in touch with Teresa at Union Home Mortgage

We would love to know what kinds of questions you have. Reach out to us and let us know, and we’ll be sure to address them in future videos. We hope to hear from you soon!